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Improving Hearing, Improving Lives! ™
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Moore Hearing Services

We are dedicated to improving the hearing and the lives of our cherished patients. The importance hearing play's in people’s lives can never be underestimated. If you, or a loved one is experiencing hearing or clarity difficulties, please contact us at (406) 257-2273 to schedule your complimentary, comprehensive hearing evaluation. These evaluations are critically important for setting benchmarks, and for establishing a future treatment plan and improving hearing for the rest of your life.

Hearing Evaluations

Comprehensive hearing evaluation and consultations…complimentary! We will guide you through a Comprehensive 4-Step process to discover the best solution for your hearing difficulties.

Veteran Hearing Care Services

Serving those who served us IS our passion and Dr. Amy provides phenomenal care, empathy and attention to the needs of our Veterans. We can help you through negotiating the VA Health Care System!

Libby Hearing Care

We love our new location in Libby: 317 Mineral Avenue. It is by appointment, so please give us a call first: (406) 257-2273

Hearing Aid Repairs and Services

In office repairs and service can often times take care and prevent problems with hearing aid devices. This is a good place to start before looking into other costly alternatives.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing aids are NOT one size fits all and should be personally AND professional tailored to YOUR needs, YOUR lifestyle, YOUR budget. This is what we can do to help!

Wax Removal Services

Otoscopic inspection of the ear to check for wax blockage (and you can watch on the big screen if you want to); wax removal via a variety of methods tailored to your comfort level.

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How Good is
Your Hearing?

Common Signs of Potential
Hearing Loss

  • Difficulty hearing in a noisy environment
  • Women’s voices are more difficult to understand than men’s
  • Hearing seems o.k. but clarity is a struggle
  • TV & radio volumes are too high for others
  • Crowded environments increase listening difficulties
  • Ringing or other noises in the ears


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Improving Hearing, Improving Lives! ™

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