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Improving Hearing, Improving Lives! ™

Veteran Services

We are locally owned and Veteran operated

Veteran Services: Inspection of ears; Wax removals; Complete hearing evaluations; Hearing Aid Fittings & Verifications; Cleaning/adjusting current hearing instruments. We have offices in both Kalispell & Libby

  • We are a Montana VA System Provider, a Choice Program Health Net Provider and a Choice Program Tri West Provider
  • We are passionate about providing the care that Veterans SHOULD be provided
  • We have a dedicated Doctor of Audiology on staff specifically to care for our Veterans

Veteran Survey Results:

How satisfied are you with Moore Hearing? – 92% Responded “Very Satisfied”

How would you rate the quality of care received? – 93% Responded “Very Positive”

Would you recommend Moore Hearing to others? – 100% Responded “Yes”

How responsive is Moore Hearing to your needs? – 96% Responded “Very Responsive”

Moore Hearing Kalispell Hearing testing booth

How Good is
Your Hearing?

Common Signs of Potential
Hearing Loss

  • Difficulty hearing in a noisy environment
  • Women’s voices are more difficult to understand than men’s
  • Hearing seems o.k. but clarity is a struggle
  • TV & radio volumes are too high for others
  • Crowded environments increase listening difficulties
  • Ringing or other noises in the ears


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Improving Hearing, Improving Lives! ™

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